Melissa C Storrow

A self taught artist working in water media.
Folks know me as Missy.

I grew up on the Atlantic Ocean but have been in Vermont for over 30 years. Both areas have lent themselves to long walks on the beach or in the woods. Many treasures have become stored in my pocket as well as my mind. I tend to find them in my paintings as they allow themselves to be uncovered as inspiration. The outdoors is an immense classroom in which I love to study both color and design.  In Vermont I have studied with Lawrence Goldsmith of Fairfax and Lisa Beach of Stowe.

As a child I grew up with my father, a self-taught expressionist painter, disappearing every night to his studio; by day an English teacher, by night an artist. Our house was his gallery of finished works. I remember the smell of the oil paints, the sound of his jazz records, and the wisdom in his work.

I have chosen watercolors and acrylics no less, I think because I like their willingness to paint for me and with me.  I’ve always liked the abstract nature of painting and find this media accomplishes this on its own at times. Their freedom of movement and fluidity allows me to express what I see or feel with only my choice of color.  Sometimes I feel like I’m dancing on the surface with little control over the outcome!